During my recent post surgical recuperation, I had the very good fortune in having been assigned Ms. Debbie, RN. I’ve told everyone how extraordinary she was in handling my case and I felt that you should know as well. Debbie has the perfect nature for her chosen field in patient care. She is perpetually upbeat and confronts difficult challenges with enthusiasm, such as those complexities involved in my care. Her genuine interest and concern for those in her care compliments her professionalism. I can tell you with confidence that Debbie’s knowledge, skill support and encouragement made all of the difference in my recovery. She was a constant force of rationality and prudence in a course of recovery littered with medical carelessness by others. In many instances over the eight weeks under her care she went far above and beyond her normal duties to be of special service and helpfulness. It was gratefully appreciated.

Most sincerely,
J.E. Matkin, Ph. D.

I wanted to let you know how very much we appreciated the caring support that Chad, RN provided my mother, Emilia Gabaldon, for many months. He was a very caring and compassionate Nurse to her and had a way about him that made her feel comfortable. He always listened so well and was very gentle in his manner. He always responded to our questions and returned phone calls very quickly. You probably already know but I wanted to remind you what a unique Nurse he is…. Truly compassionate.

S. Whiteley

It is difficult to find the words to express how extremely pleased I was with the care I received while I was recovering from a stroke and a heart attack. The progress I made was directly related to the quality of the care I was given by each of your therapists. If ever there were a group of therapists who exceed all expectations, I certainly had all of them. Their care, compassion, knowledge, expertise and abilities were extraordinary. Each one was professional and an expert in their field. Each one made me feel as though I was their only patient. It was a very comfortable relationship and very professional. I felt a personal bond with each individual as a result of their caring concern for me.
My speech therapist, Betty Schmidt, guided me through one of my most difficult times. With her help I was able to learn to swallow properly and ultimately have my feeding tube removed. My success was a result of her work with me. My other two therapists were Deb, Occupational Therapist, and Roland, Physical Therapist. Each one guided me through all phases of my recovery. They each knew how to get the most out of me at each session assuring my complete and speedy recovery.
I feel I received the Best of the Best from your company and believe that all the therapists under your supervision are equally skilled.
Last but certainly not least was my Nurse, Jennie, RN. She was tops!!! She monitored my progress through the entire period. She was available to answer questions whenever I had a concern and needed my assistance. More than once I called her.
Please accept my appreciation and thanks for the care I was given during my recovery.

Reverend T. Francis X. Eggert
Our Lady of Fatima Parish

I wish to thank you for providing me with Jenny, RN , who is a professional, personal, friendly and prompt at showing up at her scheduled visits. I always felt better after her visits and in spite of the fact that she is from the rival city of Carlsbad, whose Cavemen usually beat my hometown Roswell Coyotes in football she is a great lady, not to mention that she is also a pretty lady.
I also wish to compliment on having a fine Physical Therapist in the form of Roland PT, who not only is that but is also a prince of a gentleman. He is always encouraging, acknowledges without fail any goals I have met during this course of physical therapy. He is gentle, recognizing that I have pain on movement of my knee, yet manages to get me moving in a pleasant, effective way. And he calms my fears that I have in my mind that I might end up with an ugly looking knee, reassuring me that what I have is common and normal.
All the above being said thank you again for providing such excellent service through both of those professionals.

A. Gene Kyle

I would like to share my experience with the use of home health care services I received through Legacy. Being age 46 and a Nurse I never thought I would need Home Health Care, but in September 2011 I struggled with a several abscesses that had to be surgically removed.  After completing my hospital stay for intensive IV therapy and surgical wound care I required Home Health Care services. I selected Legacy Home Healthcare due to the numerous positive responses I had heard from my patients.  I could not have picked a better Home Healthcare company to provide me with the care I needed! They accommodated my work schedule to provide my wound care in my home. They sent me a most considerate, kind and knowledgeable Nurse and Doctor. They provided me with the services I needed to expedite my recovery and get back to work. Being a Nurse for several years I feel very confident in sharing my experience with my patients. Thank you Legacy!

Sincerely K. Molina, LPN